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I offer preventative care and pain management body work, specializing in working with military personnel, as well as amateur and professional athletes. My techniques of integrating Applied Kinesiology along with other therapeutic massage and body work practices will measurably enhance your options for the management of pain, recovery, and athletic performance!

I will help you determine the best protocol for your needs and safely deliver the kind of quality and value you can only get from a trained professional. Check out my service menu below to get a feel for what I do. 
Complimentary & Alternative Manual Medicine
Discover how Complimentary & Alternative Manual Medicine is an powerful alternative that can improve your health.

"The body heals itself in a sure, sensible, practical, reasonable, observable, predictable manner. The healer within can be approached from the healer without." - Dr. George Goodheart - Founder of Applied Kinesiology

"Many Americans - more than 30% of adults and about 12% of children - use health care approaches developed outside of mainstream Western, or conventional medicine.” - NCCIH (National Center for Complimentary & Integrative Health)

What is Applied Kinesiology?

AK focuses on the inter-relationships between muscle function, range of motion, and restriction that contribute to pain, weakness and neurologic dysfunction in the body.  When a muscle is overloaded beyond it’s ability to handle a stress either the tissue will tear, and/or the nervous system deactivates it through a series of reflexes. AK protocols address the root causes to measurably restore health and performance.

How Does AK Work?

Using a diagnostic procedure called manual muscle testing, the AK Practitioner can determine the internal source of muscle inhibition and then plan a program designed to ultimately restore muscle function and health through the stimulation of these reflexes. During the course of treatment the client will undergo periodic muscle re-testing as a measurement tool to verify overall improvement. 

Applied Kinesiology 30
Includes consultation, muscle testing of affected area, AK and custom bodywork of affected area, re-testing, and closing assessment. 
Applied Kinesiology 60

Includes consultation, postural analysis, muscle testing of affected area as well as a full body structural analysis to determine other contributing factors of the affected area, AK and custom bodyworkre-testing, and closing assessment.

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Our Policy:

Please text message (808)426-0415 or email AKITHonolulu@gmail.com to schedule an appointment. No walkins accepted. Please note: Service prices and availability are subject to change without notice.